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Our 2019 Benefit Report is now available. While the events of 2020 could easily eclipse our 2019 efforts, we recognize the need to pause and reflect upon our 2019 journey, and celebrate our successes as we continue addressing the unique challenges of 2020 and preparing to step into our future as we emerge from strategic planning.

At Community First Foundation, we know that community can be many things. Sometimes it’s the people and the communities we serve; other times, it’s a state of being, as in being in community with one another. Maya Angelou recognized that we needed both when she said:

In 2019, we continued to strengthen nonprofits, promote mental wellness and invest in Jefferson County. We invested more than $8.3 million into the nonprofit community through grant funding, and on Colorado Gives Day, donors came together and raised nearly $40 million dollars for Colorado-based nonprofits. This is more than a financial investment into our communities and the nonprofits that serve them. This is people and organizations coming together in community with one another.

We renewed our commitment to nurturing an inclusive learning culture in 2019. One of the core tenets of this effort is listening, and today we open our hearts so that we may genuinely hear what our Black friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors are saying. It is this tenor of listening that allows us to work toward equity for everyone. We need each other, with diverse voices and everything that makes us unique. Together, let’s build a community table where everyone has a seat and is welcome.

We also embarked on a strategic planning journey in 2019. We spent a lot of time in the community, meeting with people and organizations to listen and learn. We held numerous workshops and working sessions, explored data points and mapped out existing resources and gaps. We want to emerge from this process focused, nimble and well-positioned to make an impact where it is needed most. We are excited to share more about this soon.

As of July 2020, Community First Foundation has distributed more than $14.3 to Colorado nonprofits, and we can’t wait to see the generosity Colorado Gives Day will bring in December. Achieving this level of community support does not happen overnight. It takes years to build a network of dedicated donors, board members, staff and organizations who are committed to achieving this with us. We are grateful for the work we have done, in community with you and to serve our communities.

2019 Community Benefit Report
Kelly Dunkin
President and CEO
Community First Foundation
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