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New Year’s Resolutions that Make Good Possible

As we prepare to move into the New Year, we clamor to close the door on 2020. With the new year comes the opportunity for new chances and resolutions. Instead of merely curtailing your coffee habit, consider other resolutions for a more fulfilling 2021. Make giving back a pillar of 2021.

Make it a family affair
It’s much easier to stick to your resolutions when you have others holding you accountable. Make giving a family activity. As a family, explore coloradogives.org and let everyone find a nonprofit they are passionate about supporting. Then, plan ways you can involved. For kids, there’s a fun quiz at Kids for Colorado Gives to find out what kind of giver they are or want to be.

Commit to Community
When people are able to meet their most basic needs, our communities thrive. Find food banks and relief organizations working in your neighborhood and figure out how you can help them. Listen to your neighbor’s struggles and needs and see if you can offer assistance or share their story on your social network.

Use Your Strengths and Talent for Good
If you have a specialized skill, share it! Nonprofits need all kinds of help, even in this virtual environment. Reach out and ask how you can help. Is it thanking donors? Is it sorting collecting or sorting food? Then, tell your family, friends and coworkers so they can activate their skills for good.

Pay it Forward
Small gestures leave deep impacts. It you’re able, pay for the coffee for the car behind you or leave coupons for the next person in the self-check-out line. You’ll make someone’s day. Show you are committed to small acts of kindness whenever you can and watch others do the same.

Let’s set a resolution to be better together in 2021. We commit to living our values and giving back by activating and connecting our community to ensure every person in Jeffco has the opportunity to thrive. We invite you to join us in and bring good to every day in the new year. Happy 2021!

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